OEE Consulting Services

Consulting Services

OEE Inc. offers an array of consulting services to customers in the agriculture, education and mining/oil/gas industries. We have helped clients develop organic growing techniques, identify crop pests/design management protocols, build large scale-custom composting systems, design and build large scale aerated compost tea brewing units/extractors and provided detailed aquatic invertebrate community inventories.

Compost Tea Consulting
OEE Inc. works with conventional and organic agricultural operations designing compost tea programs for various crops. We help in the building of custom compost tea recipes based on soil testing (chemistry and biology), designing custom compost tea brewing/extraction units and developing/incorporating regimented spray programs. 2010-Current.

- Potatoes, onions, garlic and other root vegetables
- Cranberries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries
- Cereals, beans and mustard crops
- Tree Care – pines, cedars, broadleaf
- Vineyards – Various grape and berry varieties
- Sports Fields
- Golf Courses
- Botanical Gardens and Parks.


Educational Seminars on Soil Ecology
OEE Inc. offers certified educational seminars on sustainable landscape management practices and soil ecology. Courses offered through OEE Inc. and PDSolutions (Alberta and British Columbia). 2009-Current.
Dale Overton has been an invited guest speaker at various conferences on composting and landscape management (CGSA, BCGSA, MGSA, SATA, Canadian Composting Council and more).

Custom Soil Building/Blending
Building specialized organic potting mixes for organic greenhouse production of tomatoes, strawberries and other herbs.
OEE Inc. helps clients' design and blend custom organic potting soils from an array of organic products (peat, worm castings, grain meals, minerals and composts). Our main clients include golf courses, municipalities, soils manufacturers, organic agriculture and plant producers.

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