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OEE Inc. maintains a large-scale worm farm in Winnipeg, Manitoba. With thousands of pounds of worms, our facility can generate over 500 tons of the finest worm castings annually. Our customized equipment and proprietary process generates the highest quality and consistent worm-casting product on the market. We are considering a large expansion in the near future.

The health and welfare of our worms is of the utmost importance. We only use the highest quality bedding materials and feed our worms with a variety of high quality organically grown grains. Worm bins are maintained on a daily basis in order to ensure the worms are growing under optimal conditions. Worms are livestock and require a lot of care and maintenance to maintain productivity.


Essential Organics™ Premium Worm Castings contain a large diversity of beneficial organisms - bacteria (10 billion total bacteria per gram), fungi (40 thousand cfu per gram) and microinvertebrates (beneficial mites, nematodes and springtails). They also contain available forms of nitrogen, potassium, trace phosphorous and many micronutrients.

Essential Organics™ Premium Worm Castings are available at select greenhouses and retail outlets in Canada.

Where can you buy Essential Organics™ Premium Worm Castings?
Winnipeg, Manitoba:
Schreimer's Home and Garden
Sage Garden Herbs
Better than Nature
Canadian Trire (Regent Location)
Prairie Originals
Ron Paul Garden Centre
Shelmerdine Garden Centre
St. Mary's Garden Centre
Sunshine Greenhouse
Aubin Nurseries

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