Plant Based Compost Manufacturing

OEE Inc. operates and moderate-scale plant-based composting facility near La Broquerie, Manitoba. This operation produces 1000 tons of high-grade humified microbial compost annually.

Humified microbial compost house a large number and diversity of plant-beneficial microbes and microinvertebrates. The humus-clay-crumb aggregate is of primary importance in this compost as it contains the food sources and optimum habitat for beneficial microbes.

OEE Inc.'s composting methods enable us to produce a weed-seed free product. Covering the windrows throughout the process ensures that no weed seeds enter the compost. Allowing our windrows to heat up to 65 degrees Celsius daily for one week ensures that seed and pathogen destruction occurs.

Essential Organics™ humified microbial compost is designed for specialized potting soils, high-end sports fields and residences and is an important component of compost tea production.

OEE Inc. also manufactures manure compost for agriculture and commercial waste compost for use in erosion control and land reclamation projects.

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