Compost Tea Manufacturing

Compost Tea Manufacturing

OEE Inc. is Canada's largest compost tea manufacturer. Our client lists spans the country and includes many municipalities, organic farming operations, plant producers, golf courses and land maintenance companies.

Eco-Tea™ is OEE Inc's actively aerated compost tea. It is infused with an organic blend of humic, fulvic and long-chain amino acids, Atlantic kelp extract, simple and complex carbohydrates and enzymes.

Further, it injects soluble macro and micronutrients in chelated (non-leaching, plant-available) form into plant root zones. The real benefit is the biology within Eco-Tea™. The biological community will improve soil structure, root function/biomass and the release and uptake of N-P-K + micronutrients.

Eco-Tea™ is specially brewed to create a balanced ecosystem within the soil. Eco-Tea™ is a unique combination of ingredients which provide a vast array of benefits. The humic acid chelates macronutrients and the fulvic acid chelates micronutrients effectively tying them up in the soil in plant available forms. Atlantic kelp provides a food source for important fungi, while improving the functions of most plant hormones. Based on the amount of ingredients added, Eco-Tea™ will be dominated by plant beneficial bacteria or fungi. We can also provide a balanced formulation for general purposes.

The plant beneficial biology within Eco-Tea™ helps to decrease pathogen stress from bacteria, fungi, nematodes and some insects. This means plants will focus less on producing energy expensive shock proteins which will drastically increase growth rates and yields.

Some of the benefits of regular Eco-Tea™ applications include:

  • Increase in root function and biomass.
  • Increase in availability of natural phosphates and iron.
  • Inoculates plant roots with millions of plant beneficial microbes with just a couple of milliliters.
  • Increase in plant vigor and chlorophyll production.
  • Improves stress tolerance (transplant, drought, cold, physical and pathogens).

Chrysanthemum trial outdoors
tea treated section did not require supplemental fertilizer and no disease was found. Excellent roots were observed.
Above: Compost tea treated. No disease found. Above: Phytophthora on conventional

Eco-Tea™ Brewing Units

Eco-Tea 50-75Gallon Brewing Unit Eco-Tea Bewing Unit Diffuser
50-75 Gallon Eco-Tea™ Brewing Unit and Eco-Tea™ Brewing Unit Diffusers
One of our newest Golf Courses on our Program
Quilchena Golf and Country Club in BC are using our 50-75 Gallon Brewing Unit/Storage Tank
Some Results using our compost tea
Photo to the left. Right hand side was treated with Compost Tea.
Above: Compost tea treated. No disease found. Above: Phytophthora on conventional.
Lower Tower Sports Field 2004 Lower Tower Sports Field 2009
Above: Compost tea grain application. Above: Organic blueberries treated with compost tea.

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