About Overton Environmental Ent.

Overton Environmental Enterprises Inc. (OEE Inc.) was established by Dale Overton in 2007 with the goal of creating ecologically sound and innovative environmental products and services for industries across all sectors – company activities range from manufacturing organic fertilizers to land reclamation projects to educational seminars on ecology.

OEE Inc.'s goal is to reduce society's dependence on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, while reclaiming land that has been exploited for resource development. The OEE Inc. team has vast experience in ecology, biology, compost manufacturing, engineering, remediation/reclamation and education. Company values include a commitment to and strong belief in ethics and environmental responsibility in all company operations. This is the inspiration for the company's focus on new research and development and product manufacturing. All team members have a voice and are encouraged to use their creativity and ingenuity in creating new solutions to solve environmental issues.

The current company product/service line includes:

  • Compost tea products under the ECO-TEA™ - these include product built for trees and shrubs, turf, grains, vegetables, remediation and crop residue management
  • Worms and worm castings (organically certified under the Essential Organics TM) for use in soil blends and compost tea products
  • Specialized compost products for potting soils, remediation/reclamation and general use
  • Freshwater invertebrate taxonomy services with clients in the environmental consulting, oil/gas/mining and engineering industries
  • Specialized courses on advanced soil ecology and implementing ecological growing techniques into existing maintenance programs - Dale Overton has been an invited guest speaker to many conferences throughout Canada.

OEE Inc. is an established, growth manufacturing company, and operates a mid-sized bagging facility with a 24 pallet per shift capacity. This facility is currently operating at medium capacity. Capacity will increase as compost, worm casting production increases and sales grow.

Overton Environmental Ent. Inc.
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