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Overton Environmental Enterprises Inc.'s vision embodies Dale Overton's core values and commitment to creating sustainable products, supporting and building environmental safe communities, food sources and food security. Primary objectives of OEE Inc. include helping society close the sustainability loop by building economical solutions to complex industrial and ecological problems. Over the next five years OEE Inc. will continue developing and manufacturing ecologically based products and implementing organics waste management strategies for various partners in landscape management, agriculture and other related industries.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide valued customers with professional, reliable and quality environmental products and services. With a commitment to sustainability we work towards understanding the deeper contexts of ecology. OEE Inc. is paving the way to help create a sustainable future for the generations to come. We believe that a small group of motivated people can change the world by developing products and services to better manage our natural resources. We have partnered with industry experts, government and academia in order to establish a consortium of highly qualified professionals committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability.


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